Thursday, May 7, 2015

So, it's been quite a while since either of us last posted! Over a year, I guess? We've had some big and epic moments in the last year, including our wedding last May:

2014 was filled with a number of fun and happy memories, mostly consisting of our work in our new home, gardening, and building a community of friends in our neighborhood. We did a little bit of camping and canoing last summer, which was epic, and we mostly just settled into enjoying our new space in our new home. The year ended with a visit back in NM for the Christmas holiday, a quiet and low key new year with our neighbors to ring in 2015, and this year has gotten off to a sweeping start.

The most notable thing so far this year is that we recently shared that we are expecting later this year:

We hear that we should enjoy the time before this kiddo arrives, so we're doing our best to enjoy the life we've lived so far and recognize that change is coming. We're excited and happy that so much is going on! Perhaps another update will be in store before too long...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

2013 in Review - a full year in our new state!

I tried to include a picture for every month. I'm missing a couple, but this is a great representation of the year we had. Lots of family and friends visiting, lots of new adventures in our new city, and so much love and happiness.

Snowboarding, January 2013
Family portrait, 2013

Sunday Football January-February, 2013
Chinese New Year 2013
Snowboard Lessons February 2013
Birthday dinner, February, 2013
Portland Zoo Birthday Adventures
Birthday Celebrations, March 2013
Weekend Shenanigans, March 2013
The Woodenshoe Tulip Festival, March-April 2013

Adventuring into Pole Dance lessons, April-May 2013


Spring 2013

Camping - girl fun, June 2013
Camping, June 2013

Bear and me, Lost Creek, June 2013

Bear, June 2013
Fall Out Boy weekend!! June 2013

BFF, June 2013

Fall Out Boy show, June 2013
Post Show Shenanigans!

Bringing hometown to PDX, July 2013
July 2013
July 2013
Some of my very favorite people in all the world, 7/4/13


Monkee and me
Movies at the park, August 2013

Mama's visit, August, 2013
Seeeeeester is here!! August 2013
Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge, August 2013

This is how we do it... 

Pre-show partying at the Gorge, August 2013
The new house, Moving Day! October 2013

Zombie run, October 2013
Portland Hump weekend, November 2013

Seeeeeester and me, November 2013
Making memories

BFFs, November 2013

The ladies

Family photo, December 2013